Can Astrology help to pick numbers to win?

Horoscopes can help a lot people in their daily lives.

Surprised to hear that? Am I finally starting to believe in the
supernatural after a lifetime of scoffing? No, nothing has changed… I still think most astrologers and horoscopes are bunkum.

But here’s where it CAN help you.

By giving you a self-fulfilling prophecy. Here how it works. Today’s horoscope in the LA Times for my sign, Cancer, tells me
I’m in a pleasant, balanced mood.

People find me more easygoing than usual, which makes me fee
good. It says even working long hours is good, because I have the
energy for it. OK, fine. How do you think someone who believes in the future
feels about these predictions?

They would subconsciously absorb these thoughts and their mind
would influence their actions. The power of autosuggestion has been well documented. We associate figures in white coats as authority figures. Men in
uniform astride motorcycles can put fear into us on the road. So if the horoscope is written positively, it can help susceptible readers who believe this to improve their lives.

But can these daily prediction wonders influence our lottery
numbers? Sadly, no, not at all. One of the ways you can check for yourself is to follow the numbers of any popular lottery.

Then match them up with any horoscope service which predicts
lucky numbers. And see how wrong they can be.

More proof – if there are 12 signs in the astrological charts,
then a twelfth of the world’s lottery population would be lucky
every month. That has never happened… not even close.

If you believe in star signs, then all power to you. Your mind
will make the best of your predictions and if your belief is
strong then you can benefit.Just don’t use lucky numbers for the lottery – you’ll be wasting your hard-earned money. I use the Lotto-80 System to give predictions.

But don’t confuse this mathematic based service for some
do-de-do-do wacky zodiac calendar.It uses the power of the Silver Lotto System and PRO to select
the days you should be playing your game for best effect.

Is this week your winning numbers week?

Have you got all the stuff
necessary to ensure you win this week?

Let’s find out if you qualify:

1) You have the Silver Lotto System:
OK, this one’s an automatic no-brainer because you NEED the best
system in the world to get any kind of winnings.

2) You’ve chosen the game with the lowest number of balls and
My winning percentage (98%+) is so high because I play a 6/40
game, but you’ll get just as good results with anything a little
higher, say a 6/45, 6/49 etc. A low ball/number combo gives
the best odds to get a win.

3) You’ve saved up your pennies until you can play all the lines
on your Custom Profiles.
NOTE: You don’t have to play them all if you’re on a budget. Even
3-5 tickets will get you well ahead of the rest of the players
without my system. But do what a lot of people don’t – wait until
you have the full amount saved up, then go for it!

4) If you play a jackpot game, the prize has just rolled over.
It’s important to try for the jackpot when the prize is at its
lowest, because fewer players will be attracted to it. That means
more opportunity for you to share less of the prizes… and your
odds will be better.

5) You’ve chosen a less popular playing day.
Visit your local lotto store and ask what is the least popular
game day, that’s where you’ll have the least prize-sharing
competition. Lot of people play Saturday games, mainly because of
the bigger prizes which have traditionally been promoted at that
time. But you want the LEAST popular day, so when you win, you
are sharing the prize with fewer others.

Remember, the aim of my system is to get you winning regularly
and getting many high-rate prizes. While it’s exciting to play
the $100 milllion jackpots, the odds are not that great. Best to
stay away if you want more certainty.

Besides, most folk I know would be happier with several
multi-million dollar prizes more frequently.

Numbers To Win – How to pick next weeks winning lotto numbers

┬áNumbers to win – pick next weeks winners!

Some people will spend an absolute fortune on the lottery hundreds even thousands a game just to increase their odds of winning a prize, but if you are smart you can increase your odds of picking numbers to win without the huge cost. When you have a good system you end up paying less for your tickets because you win more with it so your profit is always more than your cost.

1 Free Tip For Increasing Your Chances Of Picking Numbers To Win

First check the numbers for the last game in your lottery. Make a note of the winning numbers in the last game. Then if you see the game has unusual winning numbers for example a consecutive bunch of numbers maybe 3,4,5 or 29, 30,31 any number pattern close like that 24, 26, 27, 29 or so on… Then you SHOULD play the next game, your chances of winning will be better odds simply because it is highly unlikely that this unusual number pattern will come up again the very next game. So you know which numbers not to pick. This is just one small example of one way to remove certain numbers from your bet and so increase your odds. There are many more simple and also complex ways used to remove ‘bad’ numbers from the equation so when you use all of the number removal tricks in one game you increase your winning odds by a huge percentage and picking numbers to win becomes more likely. More examples coming soon…..

Picking Numbers To Win

Choosing Your Numbers To Win

Choosing numbers to win on the lottery for some is just a random group of numbers, for others they choose favourite numbers or birthday dates etc, but did you know there are also those who chose numbers to win from a system, and believe it or not they actually win far often than the average person who randomly chooses their numbers.

Now obviously picking the exact numbers to win every time is practically impossible and I am not suggesting some magic system that will product the jackpot numbers every time, but think for a moment what if it was possible to increase your chances of winning by over 1000%, maybe not the jackpot but a substantial win. Well there is a system that I’ve been following for a while and had several small wins and increased my winning hugely and this system has been sold to punters for the last 21 years and has hundreds of customer testimonials to say they have had wins also. In the next few posts I am going to be sharing the system with you so you can evaluate it for your self and believe me you will be very happy. Choosing numbers to win is no longer a game of complete chance but you can drastically increase your odds of winning with this simple formula. Bookmark this page and check back for updates soon.